10 Insider Tips On Creating An Explainer Video That Will DRIVE MORE CONVERSIONS!


Animated explainer videos are plentiful but less than 8% are ever designed correctly and geared to engage and sell. Read this article and take notes, create a checklist as you go if needed and you’ll be well on your way to investing your hard earned cash into a money maker rather than wasting it needlessly.

Are you thinking about spending your cold hard cash on a animated explainer video in hopes of selling more of whatever  it is your business is offering? You know, the cartoon looking animated business videos, that typically last about a minute or two and explain a process or product, usually followed by an amazing value proposition to potential clients? Yup, those are the ones!

Believe it or not, those little catchy videos can pack a big punch when it comes to boosting sales – WHEN DONE RIGHT. Explainer videos are an excellent way of getting your sales pitch presented in front of your target audience perfectly each and every time. Not only do they hear the pitch, they see it, and let us tell you – people love visuals! In fact, the human brain processes images 6x faster than it does audio alone and 12x faster than plain text.

Explainer videos can effectively engage potential clients and get them familiar with “who” your business is, what it does and what it has to offer – all without being invasive and done in an easy to digest way. Now the tricky part is, creating a video that will actually produce results! If you make your video with the wrong ingredients, it will be about as useful as those pancakes you burnt golden black last week – good for nothin! But when done right, following the right techniques and ingredients, the results are anything but useless!


It’s not always a case of what ya know, but rather what ya can show! Getting your message across in a clear, simple and intuitive way is the key – keep it simple stupid! …I mean, keep it stupid simple)… 🙂

Because your explainer video will likely be featured on your landing page as a call to action or smack dead on your business’s homepage, its imperative that it presents itself in a professional and convincing manner. First impressions last the longest, so that said don’t mess it up!

Here are 10 insider tips from our battle tested animations and marketing experts that will help ensure your video is a money making hero instead of a conversion costing zero.


1.  If your script stinks, so will your video. 

Put simply, your explainer video’s script is basically the foundation upon what all other elements of your video will be built upon. Its the single most important ingredient that’s going to make or break your videos performance and selling potential. Whoever is in charge of this vital task will need to have a way of explaining your business’s bottom line and key advantages in and around 60-90 seconds – and do so in an idiot proof way.

Your script should be so easy to follow that a child should be able to follow and understand it. That said, make your video memorable, make it unique, witty, playful, do something with it that will make it pleasing to the audience – you’ll get more bees with honey than you will with vinegar.

Your probably wondering how to get started? It all begins with whats referred to as a creative design brief – this is basically a questionnaire that helps you pinpoint what your business or product is all about and how to state your pitch in a clear, concise and effective way.

Here’s an example of questions typically found on a creative brief:

 This type of creative brief will get you thinking clearly and objectively and bring clarity to the main goal and purpose of your video.

When you are finally done filling out your creative brief, you can move to the script writing phase of the job. This is where your creativity gets a chance to really come out and impress. As you are compiling your script, be sure to glance back at your creative brief periodically to ensure you are keeping on track with your core set of guidelines and your bottom line. It’s sometimes easy to go astray once you imagination kicks things into high gear.

get-explainer-video-cheapThis is just a demo explainer video script. It gets straight to the point, telling you who they are and answering the question of “why choose us” – easy does it. 


2. Keep it short and sweet!

If anything, remember these wise words when writing your explainer video’s script – “the less you say, the more they will remember” – Heather Ross, Marketing Analyst & PPC Guru 

While you may have a lot of information and details that you would love to get across to clients, its important to remember that the primary purpose of these videos is to get prospects understanding the bigger picture, not the details. You want viewers to understand the gist of what your business does and why YOU are the perfect solution for solving their particular problem. They have a specific need and as such, you should present a specific and exact solution to that need. If you can establish this key value proposition within your demo video, then you are on the right path.



As you can see, the above chart shows just how fast peoples attention spans can lose interest – keep your info as short and concise as you can without losing the potency of your sales punch proposition!


3. Keep it simple stupid!

All successful explainer videos that deliver results have one great quality in common –  they keep things simple.

A properly put together demo video should focus on these 4 simple factors:

  1. Problem – Identify the prospects specific problem. (0 – 20 sec)
  2. Solution – Show that your product or service is the ideal solution to their problem (20 – 40 sec)
  3. How it works – Tell them how it works (40 – 60 sec)
  4. Call to action – Tell them what to do next and how to get started (60 – 75 sec)


4. Avoid getting too technical, mention the real life advantages

Instead of saying things like, our platform runs off 200 terabyte drives that are solid state, are uncorruptable and utilize 256 bit encryption, say things like – “our platform is easy to use and provides users with the best storage space, store your data in a faster more secure way and save yourself time and money”. Real life benefits speak louder to common folks vs. technical specs that only tech savvy individuals can relate to.


5. The voice over – If it sounds cheesy, your video will crash and burn.



So you’ve made a great script, and now you need to get the right voice to read it off in a way that will fit well with your video. This may sound simple enough, but surprisingly there is no shortage of explainer videos out there with horrible voice overs. Make sure you choose a voice that is firm, clear and plays the role effectively. For example, if you are selling razor blades to men, you probably wouldn’t want a elderly Slavic women doing your voice over (nothing against Slavic people or the elderly, we love em!).

Getting a solid voice to do your voice over is actually a relatively easy task, and there is no shortage of sites offering voice over services. Just make sure the voice is good, the correct tone is set in place and the positive, upbeat vibe is consistent from start to end. The audiophiles can then further tweak things to perfection if needed. All of our video services include the use of professional voice actors: we’ve scouted some of the internet’s best talent, so we like to stick to those voices we know will get the job done right. If you need help, feel free to ask us!


6. Play with it!



Regardless of gender, age, profession, whether its a business executive or a granny watching your explainer video, one thing remains constant – people like to be entertained! By throwing in a bit of humor, something odd, something pleasantly unexpected you can make your video really resonate with your target audience and score points. Not only will they better recall your message, they will know your clever and up with the times! It’s a win win and will only help you get them to go through with your call to action and CONVERT!


7. Crazy advanced visuals aren’t needed Spielberg 

Although everyone enjoyed watching Toy Story 3 and Avatar, there isn’t a need to go nuts with the graphics. Sure, the visuals are important in that they look clean and professional (avoid using cheesy clip art and stock images), but what most important is that the visuals run with the script smoothly and reinforce the voice over. Timing is everything! So just to recap, good script, good voice, some good visuals with good timing and were off to a great explainer video!


8. The right music sets the right mood!

You can think of the music and audio effects as the glue that holds everything nicely together. By using different genres of music and audio effects you can control the tone, pace and overall mood of your video. When done in unison, good audio and visuals can deliver a powerful one-two punch and really hammer your message into the prospects mind, reassuring them your brand has the solution they are looking for.


9. Hosting your video

While there are a variety of options when it comes to hosting your video, your safest bet is youtube or vimeo. They are by far the most reliable and easy to use platforms for hosting your explainer video – or any video for that matter. Some SEO experts argue that your better of the two options is actually youtube (since youtube is owned by google, it can score you some brownie points with the search giant and in turn get your site rising up in the search engines a tad bit faster). If you don’t want any commercials playing before or after your video, there are premium accounts you can pay for with these two hosting companies to eliminate any distractions. Prices are typically low for this, around $9 – $15 per month.


10. Placement and Marketing of your video


At last, you’ve got your polished end product up and hosted on the server of your choice, now all that’s left is to rub it in the face of all your competitors and show it off to the world!

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to place your money maker aka your explainer video on a dedicated landing page as well as on a higher traffic page within your website. This will ensure your video gets in front of as many as balls as possible right outta the gates! This is a crucial staging step, as your video has the ability to show and tell your pitch perfectly each and every time – generating both leads and sales even while you are asleep.

Another step we highly advise is to promote your video via both social media and ppc marketing (you will find the two are intertwined). Facebook, youtube, vimeo, blogs – you’ll want to promote your video on as many social media platforms as possible to get maximum exposure and reel in traffic and in turn customers.

If you need help getting setup with your own explainer video, feel free to consult with the pro’s – the advice is free, but the results are priceless. Also, feel free to check out some example explainer videos that our team can produce for you!