Best Logo Design and Branding Trends of 2016 – Whats HOT!

Welcome to the wonderful world of online brand design, where we will be looking into some of 2016’s best logo trends! – Courtesy of your logo design and brand design experts at Logowit Graphics.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online brand design, where we will be looking into some of 2016’s best logo trends! – Courtesy of your logo design and brand design experts at Logowit Graphics.


Small design changes can make BIG differences! Each year business critics and marketing analysts make educated guesses on market and company trends as to which companies will get big and which will be left in the dust BUT what about their logos? Where do graphics and visual representations of their brands come into play? Believe it or not, a logo is the face of a business, its what the public sees and thinks of when they think of a particular brands identity. A business logo is kinda the visual heart and soul of your venture and it can mean the difference between being a hero or a low down and dirty zero.


Make your logo design the one that will get customers engaged and in buy mode.

Make your logo design the one that will get customers engaged and in buy mode.

Always stay true to what you as the business owner thinks will best represent your company and brand – regardless of input from marketing experts, friends or even family because at the end of the day your business is your baby and want to nurse it growth. While suggestion are great, just make sure any changes you make to your design are in line with your companies desired image and your bottom line.

That said, here are some of 2016’s hottest trending logos styles. You may have seen some of these in the past but these logo design styles are on the up and up and are proving to be hot items thus far.

The Monoline Logo

Flat, modern and composed of lines - it's the monoline design of course!

Flat, modern and composed of lines – it’s the monoline design of course!

The monoline logo is just what the name says – MONO LINE – meaning they are logo’s designed by one single line or thread. Imagine creating something using a single strand of yarn or wire and you’ll understand whats involved in making a logo like this. It requires both skill and experience (fortunately for us, our designers poses both).

In 2016, we really started to see line art get noticed thanks to creative designers still utilizing flat design and entrepreneurs looking to try something different in their bid to get noticed. Line art might not suit all business brands, but one things for sure, it sure does look cool! If you have a design in mind and think the single line is “in line” with your bottom line, then we say go nuts and get jiggy with the monoline.


This design will give the star bucks queen a run for her money. Gotta love it!

This design will give the existing star bucks queen a run for her money. Gotta love it!


The Wordmark Logo

coke-logoCant beat the real thing… remember that catchy slogan? I’m sure you do. Coca Cola still keeps true to their wordmark logo after all these years. Folks can sure learn a thing or two from their marketing and branding experts – keep it consistent.
google-graphic-designStill unsure which logo design style to go with for your business? Maybe you should GOOGLE up some more info! As you can see, the fine folks at google have done an excellent job utilizing wordmark in their logo design. Kudos to the google marketing team! 


If your wondering what a wordmark logo is, its quite simple – its a logo design that’s based on typography.  Although the design is grounded in typography and is clean and simple, the creativity of it usually comes into the placement and position of the lettering, font type and color scheme.

Although there are many thriving companies using the wordmark logo design style, such as facebook, google, twitter, ebay, linkedin – to name a few… wordmark logos are still in style because each company is able to create its own unique look that best represents their brand.

Another great quality about wordmark logos is that they are pretty much timeless and can last the test of time – as is evident with major brands such a coca cola, a company so old and so successful even your grandparents were buying products from them. The wordmark design is also good for quick brand recall as opposed to abstract graphical logos, since the wordmark itself embodies the name in a literal sense, so there is no room for confusion in that regard.


Negative Space

logo-creatorSometimes your can say more with less – don’t underestimate the effective use of negative space when considering designing a logo that fits your brand and gets your message across in a cool and clever way.


When designing perfect logo make sure to avoid clutterness and that way too busy look – most people hate them, they are hard on the eyes and memory and savvy marketers have known this for decades which is why you won’t find this issue among the big brands. Negative space designs are put together in an intelligent way, using the empty space to provide a type of perfect balance to your logo, putting emphasis on they key message of your brand – all while showing off your marketing cleverness in a playful and unique way.

More experienced graphic designers, some freelance designers and graphic design agencies are able to create some truly creative concepts using the negative space technique and even form witty optical illusions. At Logowit, our creativity is second to none, so if you can think it, we can design it.


The Duotone

custom-logo-designDuotone logos – because two colors are better than one! Its really up to you how many colors you would like to use in your logo creation but as you can see, the two tone or duotone can look quite appealing.


Just observing your everyday surroundings, you will notice there is no shortage of big business’s using a duotone logo – AT&T, facebook, UPS, Twitter, the list goes on for days. But why the two tone approach? The answer is – it’s simple, clean and easy to identify. On top of a cool design, colors can be taken to a deeper level of thought, namely a psychological level.


There are certain qualities encompassed and projected by each color, so when deciding on which colors best represent your brand, be sure to know what each color is good at, ie: black projects power and luxury (think jaguar), blue projects trust and intelligence (think IBM), orange projects playfulness (think nickelodean), etc. Feel free to check out our very informative blog article on colors and marketing to learn the values of each color and how they can help in your quest to building a successful brand. With a little research into color psychology, your logo can have a much more potent effect on your target market.


The Handmade or Hand Crafted Design Look


For a more personable touch, you may want to consider moving forward with a handmade style logo. Making thing personal with your target audience is always a good thing when done with taste.

The hand drawn design style gives designers the ability to really make some powerful statements and set tones to the extreme, ie. making a design very feminine or masculine aesthetically, depending how the artist draws it out. By using ragged vs smooth edges, dark vs light color tones, jagged lines vs soft lines – there is alot more control when creating within this design type. It also can be used to effectively project that quasi vintage look and feel without going totally into the retro realm.

While the handcrafted logo design style can suit a wide variety of businesses quite well, we do not believe it should be used for specific industries, namely legal, accounting, medical and financial services. A digital in design, simple, and clean look is better to use in those instances, given the serious, non-playful nature that exists in those professional service industries. That said, feel free to utilize this design style in appropriate contexts and industries – they look highly creative and are distinctive by design, setting you apart from many of your competitors.

For help determining which design style is best for your business don’t hesitate to Contact Us – we’re here to help!