10 Idiot Proof Tips To Designing An Awesome Logo!


While designing a good looking logo for your brand and business isn’t necessarily rocket science – you should take note of these 10 stellar logo design tips! Cause unless you have design experience, seemingly straight forward tasks can prove tricky the first time around.


10 Insanely Valuable Logo Design Tips For Getting a Logo Your Clients Will LOVE…


Alright, so you’ve registered your company, your business is close to launch (or is already launched) and it’s time to smack a pretty logo onto your brand –  sweet! Sounds like a simple enough task doesn’t it? Guess again. About 8 out of 10 logos produced by so called graphic designers, aka freelancers, crowd sourced sites, etc, actually suck ass and reek of clip art / unoriginality – and the reason why is there’s a crowd of amateurs posing as experienced, seasoned designers.

Because of this plague of ugly, unappealing, low quality grade logo’s that are being produced at mach 10 speeds, save yourself from becoming victim by reading our 10 simple tips to designing a great looking logo, that will attract and produce a good vibe with you target market.

That said, get out your crayons, put on your logo designer hats and lets jump into the lesson class! By the end of this, you’ll be well on you’r way to creating a logo that will look kick ass and serve your business well!


1. A Wise Man Once Said… Choose Your Colors Wisely

Bet you recognize the above logo, don’t ya? Just your friendly, neighborhood delivery service AT YOUR DOOR!

Whether you knew it or not, the color of your logo is of VERY significant importance. Colors help communicate all sorts of feelings and vibes out to your target audience and they are deep in their meaning. Savvy marketers and designers have known this fact for decades and have used it to their advantage, giving them a 1 UP over their competitors.

Just look at how differently you would perceive a giant brand such as UPS if their logo was just plain old black and white. As you can see, it would give off a totally different vibe than does its actual gold and brown logo – with gold projecting values of warmth, happiness and prosperity while the brown effectively projects vibes associated with things natural, friendly and secure – everything you’d want in a company that will be handling your goods.

Sometimes you might feel restricted to the color pallet you can work with (based on a possible preexisting color scheme your brand may have) but if you aren’t pinned to anything definitive then feel free to experiment and see what works best for your industry and niche. Get the opinion of friends and family, the more external feedback you can rally up, the better!

When choosing a color (or colors) to represent your brand, think deeply about what your brand stands for, its personality and how customers will perceive the color scheme you’ve selected from a marketing stand point. There is real power in colors – feel free to checkout our discussion on color psychology and the meaning of colors for greater insight!


2. Avoid the EVER SO DULL Cliché

Thought I’d paste the very definition of cliche to really drive this point across to everyone.


Every couple of years a new style of logo design fad comes along and all of the sudden we see a million copy cat designers pop up right outta the wood-work and nothing could be more annoying. Instead of copying what all the others on the cookie cutter, logo fad band wagon are doing (copying each other to the tee pretty much) why not attempt to create something that person and unique to your brand?

Trust us, as design and branding experts with over 10 years of experience we know that customers love seeing originality and creativity. It says alot about your brand and helps to separate you from the pack of copy cats who aren’t witty or smart enough to do a little creative thinking for themselves (and if your not, no biggie, you can always hire an experienced designer with a impressive portfolio under their belt). It also says things about your companies level of care and quality – it shows that you are one that goes the extra mile and customers JUST LOVE THAT AND CANT GET ENOUGH!


“Trust us, as design and branding experts with over 10 years of experience we know that customers love seeing originality and creativity. It speaks volumes about your business and its level of care.” – Alex Walker, Logowit.com, Senior Design & Online Branding Specialist



3. Don’t Be The Village Idiot When It Comes To Font Type

best-logo-fontsDon’t choose weird/unattractive looking fonts that repel consumers and diminish your brands appeal.


Stay, stay, stay away from cluttered, unattractive font types and in some case even fonts that are just too plain jane… ie. Arial font. The type of font you decide to use in your logo is as important as the overall graphical design of your logo design concept believe it or not.

Surprisingly, many business owners still do not comprehend this fact and as such they end up with a ridiculous, crappy looking logo, that will have consumers wondering what online branding design company made this – so we know WHO NOT TO GO TO.



Choose a font type that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and if possible add you own unique, creative touch. By having your very own custom font type created, you can help your brand stick out and appear different at first glance.

Ask the fine folks over at coca-cola how that worked out for them. Over 100 years later, the marketing experts at coke still employ the same font style which they customized for their brand way back in the hay day. The coke font and the brand coca-cola are so intertwined, that even when ripped off by other companies, the very sight of the font alone will immediately trigger the thought of coca-cola in your mind. Now that’s POWERFUL! 


coke-logoKicking competitors asses since 1886 –  Coke.


4. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Remember this valuable lesson in life and in business – complexity is the enemy of clarity.


Keep your design simple but give it character. This is the key to creating a great looking logo that will produce a lasting positive effect over your audience. Make your logo clean, simple and intuitive –  it should project its values and meaning effectively and if possible, do so in a creative way that will further impress people.

Take for example Apple Computer Inc. Apple is a brand known around the world for its innovation, intelligence and creativity when it comes to computers, digital electronics and technology in general. Sure enough all those qualities of being witty and creative are well depicted in their company logo. Have a look for yourself!


Throwback. Quick peak at the evolution of Apple’s logo over the years.

As you can see, their logo consists of an apple (which is historically and Biblically known as the fruit derived from the tree of knowledge). Interestingly enough their apple isn’t just any apple – it has a bite taken out of it, indicating they’ve bitten into this fruit and have the knowledge. Pretty witty there Mr. Jobs and Mr. Wozniak!


5. The Vibe (Passive or Active)


Twitter Logo on the right. The upwards slant creates an active vibe and effect.

Here we can observe how clever the folks at twitter are. You will notice they have tilted their tweety bird on a upwards slant, thus creating an ACTIVE vibe, look and feel. This gives their basic but beautiful logo a positive vibe and optimistic appearance, which makes you really feel like things are on the up and up.

It has a positive psychological effect in that regard, which is a powerful design element that you too can use when designing your own custom business logo.


6. Using Negative Space


Negative space can create some very interesting and clever logo designs and there are no shortages of real life examples. Just do a quick google and you’ll see tonnes of examples!



NBC, the television network giant did a fantastic job creating their logo. As you can see, they craftily use negative white space to create a peacocks head and body. Kudos to the designer who came up with that concept!



Good old FedEx. This particular logo is another good example of proper use of negative space – look closely and you will notice that they have created a right-pointing arrow using negative space between the e and the x


7. Clean + Practical = An Awesome Start!

  • Keep your design clean and practical. Your design should be as functional on the side of a truck as it is on a business card for example.
  • Make your logo convey your business’s edge to your target audience. Ie. Jacks Lighting Transport (their logo has a lightning bolt in it, which cleverly conveys the message of speed – makes sense since the company is all about fast, expedited service.)
  • Never use clip art or stock photos! Simply stated, you have the advantage of setting yourself apart from the millions of business’s using the same clip-art graphics to represent themselves. DON’T BE THAT GUY/GIRL!


8. Try To Make Your Design Timeless



Every few years some hot design fads will come and go but truly great logos are those that can stand the test of time and are built to last not years, but decades. When designing you own logo, remember this valuable tip and during the design process remind and ask yourself, “does my logo look like it can withstand the time test or will it look dumb as soon as a fade vanishes?”.

Do yourself and your pocket book a favor…. think things through during the design process and don’t just rush into a trending fad that you think is cool at the present time – fads don’t last too long, be creative, be original.


9. You Can Play It Safe By Sticking To The 4 Basic Design Types


  • Emblem – ie. UPS, Starbucks Coffee Co.
  • Word Mark – ie. Times Magazine, Coca-Cola, Dell
  • Pictorial Mark – ie. Lacoste, Android, Apple Computer.
  • Web 2.0 – ie. Facebook, Skype, LinkedIN

Examples of each commonly used logo type can be seen here if you’d like to see visuals! 


10. If You Have Bad Taste And Know It… Ask Someone Talented For Help!


Creating a logo isn’t rocket science after all BUT it might be too much for you to take on alone. Just remember to keep your target market and the nature of your business in mind while putting it all together. Over time, you will be able to accomplish your goals of building a brand of your own having a trademarked and recognizable logo. Hopefully this bit of info enlightened with regards to the world of logo design and just how important having a custom logo can be.


Need help making the right design choice?

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